UFO Statistics: “Overlaid UFO Map: UFO shapes in Europe”

By Larry Hatch (*U* UFO DATABASE, U.S.A.)
Source: Internet Archive, San Francisco, California.
The whole article:
“Here, three general UFO shapes are distinguished by colors. Light blue for round UFOs: saucers, disks, cones, ovoids and spheres. Violet is for cigars, cylinders, fuselages, elongated shapes.  Green indicates angular forms: triangles, deltoids, diamonds etc. There will be some overlap. Multiple shapes are sometimes seen together. One man’s cigar is another man’s disk.
Flying triangles appeared in the mid 1970s, fell back, then returned in force from 1988 onward, especially in Belgium and England. Cigars are common in Portugal and France, less so in Spain.
Sightings at sea tend to be cigars. Note the distribution in Sweden: saucers in the West, cigars in the East, triangles in between. Romania prefers saucers in the North and Triangles to the South.”


(larryhatch.net image)

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