UFO Statistics: “UFO Sightings Map: by Shapes in South America”

By Larry Hatch (*U* UFO DATABASE, U.S.A.)
Source: Internet Archive, San Francisco, California.
The whole article:
“Three general UFO shapes are overlaid here. ‘Saucers’ in Blue are disks, cones, ovoids and spheres together. Violet is for ‘Cigars,’ cylinders, fuselages, elongated shapes. Green indicates angular forms: flying triangles, deltoids, diamonds, rectangles.
These overlap somewhat, some reports indicate multiple shapes. An earlier disk might be covered over by a later cigar. The same UFO might be described as either depending on perspective. Disks outnumber cigars, and both outnumber Flying Triangles which are fairly scarce in South America.
One lonely Cigar shows in Chilean Tierra del Fuego at the bottom of the map. Note the band of cigars between 30 and 35 degrees South Longitude across Chile and Argentina.”


(larryhatch.net image)

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