Kidnapped By UFOS: Interview with Philip Klass

Kidnapped By UFOS: Interview with Philip Klass


NOVA: Phil, you’ve been following the so-called alien abduction movement very closely, perhaps more closely than anyone. Tell us how long you’ve been studying this, and how much evidence you have found to date, that supports the contentions of people like John Mack and Budd Hopkins?

KLASS: … I’ve been interested in and investigating and following claims of UFO abductions for almost 30 years.

NOVA: In all that time, how much hard evidence have you found?

KLASS:…In nearly 30 years of searching, investigating famous cases, I have yet to find one that cannot be explained in down-to-earth prosaic terms. Therefore, if somebody says to me, “I have been abducted by strange looking creatures that do these dreadful things to me,” I’m quite confident that they could not possibly be extraterrestrials. Maybe they’re mischievous Irish leprechauns; maybe they’re the mischievous elves of Santa Claus; maybe they are agents of the devil—now I don’t believe in any of these. But I have not spent 30 years investigating whether the leprechauns exist. But I am quite confident that there is no scientific credible evidence to show that we’ve had alien visitors, let alone that they’re doing these dreadful things. […]

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