UFO Sighting in Caracas, Capital District on December 18th 2007 – I saw a flaming object at a considerable speed in the sky and abruptly changing of direction

Since my childhood I have always observed the sky with fascination. I liked it a lot especially in vacations, outside of town, at my grandfather’s farm, where there was no artificial lighting close during sleep time at night. Included I even wanted to be an Astronomer. Being walking to my house in December 2007, in the approximate date and time indicated, watching the sky I saw a bright and flaming object without tail at a considerable speed. When I saw it, it changes of direction abruptly and totally opposite of it flight path. I stayed watching the object until it is lost on the horizon. I have seen things far superior in my life and that many few people have or have had that responsability or possibility to see. I had not mentioned it before because I have analyzed the fact or situation. Until recently I saw a program on History Channel 2 (H2) where mentioned to you and since then I wanted to share that moment with emotion with peolple who had had similar experiences in this particular aspect. I have concluded that the purpose of them is to get something that does not have (and I believe know that it is), because the goal of a researcher or a visitor is known, in any case, look into a knowledge that does not have or need or your state or situation.

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