UFO Sighting in Morgan, Texas on January 10th 2016 – what i call guardians coming behind five star display

on 1-7-16, 6:30pm went outside to see five star display high in eastern sky with one variation, instead of four guardian like craft following the five star display, there is only two. two, flashing red, blue, green and white. I notice in the western sky, one guardian like craft, flashing red, blue, green and white. 7:45pm the guarding in the western sky is gone. the five star and two guarding’s in the eastern sky, seen same as on every clear night. every clear night the five star display comes in from the east, stops short of Hwy 174, then slowly ascends into outer space, with two guardians following.
1-10-16, 9pm it’s very cold outside, but the skies clear, five star display with two guarding’s in eastern sky same as always. I’ll only report this again if it makes any changes. it’s useless to report something that’s here every night, yet remains not to be recorded as a star system. it seems no one cares.

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