UFO Sighting in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on January 4th 2016 – Circle of connected light remains stationary for at least one hour

Northwest Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
On Monday, January 4, 2016, I woke up at my usual time, 5:30am, to let the dogs out in the backyard. As I stood on my back porch, waiting for my dogs, I noticed a bright light in the dark sky. The light was white, with no tint of yellow. At first sight, the light appeared as a disc-shaped object. Unsure what I was looking at, I quickly went inside to get my husband’s phone, which has a better zoom feature than the camera on my phone. I went back outside, and the glowing object had changed from a disc shape to a circle, however, seemed to have the same diameter. The size was not remarkably different. I took notice of the tree branches below the object, within my field of vision, which seemed to be a great distance from the object. I memorized the branches in relation to the object in order to measure any changes in the object’s potential movement. The moon was visible some distance above the object, from my visual perspective. Tiny stars were scattered throughout the sky, only visible as pinpricks at this hour. I used my husband’s cell phone camera/video recorder to zoom in on the object. The object consisted of a circle of connected, white light, with a smaller circle of light inside. The small circle of light pulsated to and from the outer circle. Having memorized the tree branches and other landmarks within my view, I am sure that the object itself did not move in the sky. It remained in the same spot, where I continued to watch it for approximately one hour. At one point, an airplane flew across the sky, below the object. The object still did not move. Every once in a while, it looked as if the light emitted by the object would change colors, but not so clearly that one color could be named. The light itself would warp, similar to the fuzzy light changes of a broken tv channel. The object itself never once traveled. After taking several pictures and two videos, I returned inside. I got ready for work and went back outside around 7:00am. The object had disappeared. I watched the videos I took closely. In one video, I can hear a train sounding its horn, and the object seems to respond to the sound by a warping of shape/light for a brief moment. The object itself never once travels/moves from its original position in the sky.

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