UFO Sighting in Yelm, Washington on January 10th 2016 – i saw a star like UFO

I was in the back yard cleaning up a little until it started to get dark.I was about to head into the house until i noticed how nice and clear the it was,i started looking at the stars for a good minute or so and i was thinking about going into the house because my mother gave me a map of the stars but as soon as i was about to go in this star like object started cruising from NE to SW at a consistant speed with no noise and no trail or streak behind it.I have seen many falling stars and that is not what this was,i watched it stay at the same altitude until it was out of sight behind the tall evergreen trees which is were i saw some light through the trees and i went in because i got a little spooked because i saw this once before and i tried to blow that one off as an airplane but this reaffirmed what i saw.

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