UFO Sighting in Whitewright, Texas on January 11th 2016 – four acendending lights at irregular intervals changing position semingly random moving from east to northwest with no reggular pattern

I was watching tv , and stepped outside to smoke at about 9:10 pm cst . I noticed a flickering light ascending at a very high rate of speed while facing off my front porch directly to the east, the object gained altitude incredibly quickly, and changed position from left to right randomly by 3-5 degrees while moving to the northwest. The object seemed to defy normal movement and gravity by appearing to the side, or above, or below, its previous position as at random. I called my wife to the porch, and said to my wife “connie get out here you gotta see this, am I crazy”. About that time my wife came outside and together we watched three other objects proceed from the same approximate position and act erratically, ascending from the east to the northwest in a manner that was not rational given the laws of gravity.at this point my wife became very concerned, and we went inside and shut the door and blinds. I am a veteran that has been stationed at Ft. Bragg, and Ft. Sill, as well as Afghanistan. I have seen all sorts of artillery fire, rocket fire, aircraft, drones, ect… and have never seen anything like this in my life, nor has my wife. it was bizarre to say the least.

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