Black Triangle Sighting in Columbia, Mississippi on January 12th 2016 – Me and 3 other guys heard a jet like sound but at low volume in the sky and spotted a triangle shaped ufo with 3-4 lights headed due south around the Columbia airport around 500-1000 feet about the ground.

Me and 3 friends were outside talking and heard what appeared to be a jet like noise from the sky, looked up and seen a triangle shaped object that was way lower in altitude than we would’ve expected this jet to be. It was moving south in direction at a relatively slow but steady pace. The whistle or whine it was making was not loud at all comparing to what height it was at and the size of the object itself. I would guess it to span 50′-75′ across. Wasn’t my first sighting,these things are really wicked sounding and can get really low in speed without loss of altitude.

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