UFO Sighting in Atlanta, Georgia on January 12th 2016 – Sitting on porch, see a green-whitish shooting starlike fireball appear and break into two balls flying symetrically and perfectly alongside one another

i was sitting on the porch smoking a cigarette when i noticed a single green-whitish fireball like streak of light shoot across the sky then broke off into a perfectly and identical version of itself, tail and color all matching the fireball. there was an airplane i had been staring at in the distance that was there before, during and after the event. the plane seemed as if it was going to land initially and after the event, rose higher into the sky and continued to fly until it was far over and past my house. i live less than ten minutes away from an airport and see events, objects, etc on a weekly basis but this was something i’d never seen… a green-white fireball was in the close vicinity from the ground to the sky, maybe 500-700 ft possibly, maybe 100 ft. above tree line.

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