UFO Sighting in Bolingbrook, Illinois on January 12th 2016 – Saw bright light I the sky and thought it may be a planet, but it seemed to be moving

Was letting my dog out at 10 pm and saw a bright light. At first I thought it may be a planet but then noticed it was moving. As it came towards me I could see a high arch of light off of the top. There was a plane in the far distance and very distinctly different lighting from this object.
As it continued west I saw blinking colored lights on the bottom/ two separate rows on right and left sides and also red lights between. Lights were sometimes blinking in sequence and sometimes seemed random. The object looked rectangular with now two high arcs of multicolored rainbow light coming from the top. I continued to watch until it was to far west to see anymore. I lost sight of it around 10:12-10:15.

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