UFO Sighting in Gatley, on January 13th 2016 – see explanation below

you must get many attention seekers and mentally ill contact you but i still cannot comprehend what happened over that field.lights approached thought helicopter but veered at crazy speed hovered began to descend right near me.humming i felt an electrical charge hairs and goose bumps.this thing landed about 2 bus lengths away.tried to run but paralysed time seemed to jump as next thing what you call a grey stood 2 feet from me.i couldnt look away from eyes.vision in head telling me they were from our past were inhabitants native to earth time travelling told of their once great civilisations.i felt aggressive and scared next memory it takes off then zip away.had no memory of creaure getting in or out of craft.have told nobody.next day face and hands red like bad sunburn felt sick.i never drink and since i sleep badly.what to do!!!???

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