Black Triangle Sighting in New Albany, Ohio on January 13th 2016 – Large triangular craft approx. 300-400′ by 600′ -700′ w/ 3 lights that pulsed and dimmed. The craft rotated in place and slowly moved to SE. The craft appears to cloak or reflect its surroundings. Tried to video but it’s lights dimmed as it rotated.

At 6:20AM I was standing at my kitchen sink getting water for my cat. We have a large window at the sink and as I looked out like I often do I noticed 3 very bright lights with the same illuminated appearance suddenly pulsate. I then realized they were moving very slow from the W headed E. The lights were positioned as if they were at the end points of a triangle. I then could make out that it was dark in color with the short end “width” of the craft estimated to be 300- 400′ and the length to be 600′ -700′. I immediately ran out to my front driveway to witness it be stationary and rotate on it axis without a sound. I then realize that I was watching something that is life changing. I will never forget this event. At this moment I was trying to video the craft when the lights dimmed and two went completely out. Only one dim light was present as the craft rotated. I could still make out the shape because of its size. I was amazed as it slowly moved to the SE where two commercial airplanes were heading E and NE just a few thousand feet above the craft. At that moment the craft just disappeared as I watched. I tried to view my video to see if I caught anything but there was nothing I could make out. At that moment I jumped in my car to drive to an open area near my home to see if I could view it again. I studied the area with no luck. This was an amazing moment to witness and confirm stories of UFO’ s. The only reason I’m filling this report is that in the past 6 months I have witnessed other unexplainable events that I can’t find answers to. In October 2015 my daughter and I were star gazing on a clear night and watched for a lack of terms the brightest burst of pulse lights at what I guess was around 70,000′ or more. We watched for over a half hour several burst of lights that looked like they would build up energy and then send out a pulse of the brightest light. At one point we were watching 3-4 within 100’s of each other. They stayed stationary for 15 minutes and then move. I brought my wife out to witness them so I didn’t seem crazy. I knew they were not satilites or commercial aircraft. These were twice the altitude of commercial aircraft. These burst of lights happened the next night as well. I tried doing some research on this and couldn’t find any documentary so I excused it until I experienced this triangular shape. I haven’t shared this event with anyone. Even my family. I certainly hope this triangular craft is our military, because if not….it’s scary to think what or who’s craft this is. Thanks for your time. I can sketch this image if you find it helpful. I will keep the video for proof of date and time. Maybe someone can do more with it.

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