UFO Sighting in Cape Coral, Florida on December 14th 2015 – Moving st a high rate of speed then slowed down and changed directions

I was in the pool swimming and I was looking up in the sky floating in the water and observed an object moving at a high rate of speed,I said “wow that plane is really moving I’ve never seen a plane move that fast before” it started to slow down to almost 10 miles an hour, thats when i notice it was a disk shaped object exact color of the clouds but there was no clouds didn’t shine or anything then changed direction and took off till I couldn’t see it no more. If there was any cloud in the sky it would have blended in perfect
From the direction it came from there was some clouds but that was over a few miles away
That was my first sighting I was so excited now I’m always walking around looking up in the day hoping yo see another one and try to take pictures

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