UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on August 15th 2015 – plasmatic, electrical propulion in nature, large white light. very fast speed.

I was standing in my drive way on mountain top home in Pacific Palisades CA. When i saw to the south what i thought was a shooting star, then i thought a meteor, then i realized i was observing a craft of some kind. it only took 5 seconds to cover the entire sky from south to north. The light was round and bigger than a house, the white light had a roundish ball moving around with in it and was metalic in nature and was the color of gold when melted, as it passed over i noticed some distance behind the light a bluish haze and in the haze 4 or 5 lines that were zig zaged lines, it looked like what you would think electricity looks like, like lightning bolts, or plasma waves, the lines were constant and not blinking or flashing. as was the blue haze not moving or wavering, as it was some distance to the north i noticed a small red light under and behind the white light and it blinked. i just happend to be standing out side looking to the south smoking a cigar as my wife does not let me smoke inside. the speed of this craft was incredible, the light was enormous, the propulsion system unlike anything i have ever seen, i worked at an airport for an aircraft co. i have been around planes, and are a passion of mine for years. there is some thing some one is not telling us, my question to mofon is, were there any such reports like this, this happend late summer 2015. not sure of exact month or date, however, i know what i saw and will never forget what i saw, this was no ordinary aircraft.

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