UFO Sighting in Manchester, Tennessee on January 13th 2016 – It was HUGE.not first time to see. Have photo and vid

My wife and I both at night and in daylight have seen multiple bizarre craft /we thought it was from the underground airforce base /my family moved here in 30s to work on a bomb at oak ridge then to the base here to work on flying wing for Northrop )so we didn’t think too much about them other than it was interesting. I am an engineer and what we saw and filmed tonight was so close we were mortified. It appeared to change shape and had bizarre lighting and left lights drop then vanish from what appeared to be the center lower portion. It emitted localized beams at homes near us( they didn’t go all the way like light.. It had a place the light STOPPED) my wife ran inside and I filmed and photographed it and had her load firearms as we were afraid it could be up to something nefarious. Nothing behaving in this manner ISNT. The final photo after zoom on iPhone and crop is (seriously) a silver disc with a dome top like a hat. It’s not anything like the delta wing three globe light craft we witnessed at dusk at 2.5 story height.thats what the base tests. This is something beyond what AEDC is working on. I have never reported before// I have a notebook of drawings of everything we’ve seen and this one is like something from a movie.

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