UFO Sighting in Newburgh, Indiana on January 13th 2016 – pulsating star like object over dam/triangle shape aircraft also

have witnessed the pulsating star like object for over a week every night. It changes direction frequently in slow movements then stays stationary for maybe 10 -15 minutes then more slow movements bot up and down and side to side. Tonight had very large black triangle shape aircraft come in from the east and pass over the house then change direction south staying several miles to the side of object in my opinion. it then turned back east to the far side of object then north staying low on horizon entire time. it made one big loop around abject but at a lower height. aircraft was not making much noise bu sounded like a jet engine. each tip had a white light with large red one in center that blinked. only red light could be observed for most of flight path. aircraft looked to be black and very large or very low. pulsating object gained altitude and moved to the east but staying in the same general area of sky when plane was flying around it.this pulsating ufo will be back tomorrow again I am sure.

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