UFO Sighting in Boston, Massachusetts on December 31st 1965 – circular craft with large bright lights around the middle of craft

I was 14 years old on my home from a friends house . It was winter with snow on the ground. It was dark outside and about 4 pm in the afternoon. I remember looking up and seeing this spaceship with these massive lights all around the middle of it and thinking Wow, this craft is hovering here without a sound, not moving right over 3 family houses in the middle of a city….all I could think is “this craft is from another planet”and mind you I never really thought about Space ships or UFO s until this experience. I was alone and I did not have a camera with me so I have no evidence but I can tell you ever since that experience in my home town, practically near my house has changed my life. After looking at this object for a few minutes I quickly walked home and that was it. I told my family about it but would have been impossible to see it from where my house was so I don’t remember anything else about the incedence after that. I didn’t feel threatened in anyway but the size of the craft I’ll never forget. It was larger then the 3 family house under it. It seemed like it was practically touching the building.This happened in 1966 in New England.

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