UFO Sighting in Irwindale, California on January 12th 2016 – 10:26 pm as i was walking out of work i noticed an object that was hovering or flying in an unknown path that generally plains do not take and going Southwest.

10:26 as I was getting out of work I looked into the sky and into the Azusa Canyon I saw a slow glowing object moving Southwest very slowly and as it was going the object was moving and turning red to orange shutting off and turning on it began to release some little glowing objects and descending down. At first sight i knew exactly what it was. This time around my feelings towards this object were numb but it was exciting but when i first encountered an identical object four and half year’s ago i was so scared i couldn’t sleep. With this encounter i had no trouble at all. I got home after it was descending and by that time it was nowhere insights. My wife got home so informed her of what happened, she didn’t care so we went to bed.

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