UFO Sighting in Maracaibo, Zulia on June 16th 2010 – used 2 watch sky, thought was an unknown star but was too red really small. There were about 6 truly far away(I think) then 1 moved/disappeared Was no planet nor Star Don’t know what it was

I used to exercise in the lake park with my girlfriend. That day, some park lights were off and the sky was unusually clear so you could see lots of stars. During a pause I took a look at the sky and noticed some rare stars that looked all messed up, like there weren’t supposed to be there. I mean, I look at the sky all the time, I know some constellations and stars, I know how the sky of my hometown looks and know the difference between a planet, a star,a satellite, a plane and many other stuff that we may see around here. This was none of that. It looked like a bunch of new stars very, very far away and they were unusually red. So I kept looking and like a minute into my observation one of the lights started moving north (I think) and within a few seconds I saw it move like 1,5″ and then further and further away until it disappeared. The others didn’t move. Couldn’t recognize them but can’t assure that they weren’t supposed to be there. They might have been just regular stars that my untrained eyed was unable to identify. But then again, I have never seen so many red stars together like that, so I don’t think they were actual stars. I left 30 minutes later and they were still there. So that’s it. I saw something that looked like a star in the sky move. And it kept me thinking all of this time, how big and fast has an spacecraft to be to be able to be so far away, (probably out of our planet and moon orbits) and still be seeing moving how many miles if I saw it move less that 2 inches in a few seconds?
Don’t know if this is going to be useful but I finally concluded that I had to tell someone.
Sorry for the lack of pics or video but my poor cellphone at the time didn’t have a camera good enough for capturing such a thing.

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