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​On this page you’ll always find the latest UFO news and commentary. While MUFON cannot always vouch for their contents, these accounts are currently being reported in news and media outlets around the world. As with any eyewitness account, where there is no substantiating documentation, video or photographic evidence, these accounts cannot be verified at this time.
We also provide an update on the possible cause of the Kecksburg, PA UFO sighting in 1965. While the update provides insight into what could have occurred, the crash itself and subsequent eyewitness accounts that day cannot be corroborated however, we present an article that first appeared in the December 2015 MUFON Journal, which is made available to our members.
UFO News Today

The update has been provided by Owen Eichler, who has been researching the case in support of a theory he has concerning the actual nature of the event. Eichler spoke with John Ventre, MUFON’s Pennsylvania State Director, and this interview provided the basis for the article, now shared below.
UFO news today includes footage shared on social media sites. Should you be aware of such video, please contact us so that we may initiate a thorough investigation. If UFO sightings and eyewitness accounts interest you, why not join a local MUFON chapter? You are truly not alone in your interest. Join us and meet others who will share our mutual exploration of such phenomenon. By taking a sound investigative approach to sightings, accounts, supporting documentation such as photos and videos you will soon learn how we separate science fact from science fiction.  

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