UFO Sighting in Cresson, Texas on January 15th 2016 – 3 distinct sightings of a total of 5 identical stationary objects that glowed, then went dark

At 831pm Central Time a single bright yellow sphere was observed over Cresson, Texas, at an estimated altitude of 500 feet and in the direction of the moon. The object was almost stationary, possibly drifting slightly southwest. It glowed for 2 minutes, then dimmed quickly and went dark. Seconds later a triangular formation of 3 identical spheres, also bright yellow, appeared in the same location and remained stationary for 5 minutes, never changing in appearance. All 3 dimmed simultaneously and went dark. Seconds later another single sphere appeared in the same location and was once again bright yellow, glowing for about 2 minutes, then dimming and going dark. The entire sequence lasted between 10 and 15 minutes. When a photo was taken of the formation of 3 the moon could been seen clearly in each photo, but the objects were not visible at all in any of the photos. The sky was mostly clear with scattered high stratus clouds. No sounds were heard. A report was made with the Hood County Sheriff’s Office. A deputy came to confirm our sighting and told us he had received a total of 5 reports from around the local area.

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