UFO Sighting in Derby, England on January 15th 2016 – started as very small white trail with 45 degree angle. then trail very shaped and depicted object to be going vertical. then appeared that object then comes back on itself. I managed to take picture at this point. I then lost sight of object after this

I was driving southbound on M1. Approaching junction 21. There was traffic on the road and travelling approx 20 mph. I noticed in my view up to the left through my front windscreen an unusual white, short sharp trail perhaps 5mm in length it looked but was well over a mile away in the sky looking towards the south east region. It started as very small white trail with a 45 degree angle. then the trail seem to change direction going vertical. At this point i felt that an object was causing this trail as the trail took a upside down very shape appearance. Which looked like it was caused by drag against whatever this object was. All I could see was the trail though and not an object. I felt this was very unusual. It then appeared to change direction again by which it looked like it was going back to the left of my view in the sky (almost like back on itself)which I have never seen before and still at this point I could not view an object just the trail which again had changed shape and drag looked like it was from left to right. Because i wasnt able to undresrand what it was using logic i thought best to try and take picture. I took several pictures on the hope that with my camera on maximum focus I would capture some detail. Reviewing the pictures I managed to capture something quite remarkable and I wanted to show it you today. You will have to zoom in the photo. It appears in the moment I have captured the actual object which has caused the the trail which I initially viewed. When you zoom in on the object it appears that it’s somewhat of a transparent star shaped object which is slightly curved too. I have attached the image for you to view. My phone has recorded the exact location I was in too.

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