UFO Sighting in Prince George, British Columbia on August 1st 2006 – Airplane like then changed direction hovered then accelerated till vanished

I looked up to the sky as me and my friend were walking west towards the store and noticed two bright lights that resembled street lights glowing in the sky. I thought to myself that’s weird for a plane to have orange lights because that’s the fashion in which there were moving towards us then just as I said that they started to get brighter and looked as if they were falling towards us. A few seconds of them falling they suddenly stopped in mid air and froze the left one dipped down a few feet and then the right one dipped down in a clock like motion and went directly up quickly dimming and then vanishing. Seemingly seconds after but almost at the same time the one on the left dipped down and did the same thing. Neither of them made any sound and left us wondering what they where. I had looked online and found similar accounts of the same sightings that had been published in the paper a few years earlier over the same hills but have never had any answers. I was watching a show and they mentioned this site hence my statement I’m giving now in hopes of some explaination to what we witnessed that night. Thanks

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