Black Triangle Sighting in Vian, Oklahoma on January 11th 2016 – Heard low flying military planes, ran to door saw the large object and 5 – 7 C130 aircraft flying very low the turned towards the object!

I heard low flying aircraft, looked out a saw the large object to to Southwest very low int the sky! The aircraft were C-130 aircraft flying directly over me, flying from north to south. I counted 5, but more had flew over very fast and very low. They turned very sharp turns to the east towards the object. I was yelling at my wife for her to bring me a camera. I grabbed my iPad add begin to shoot video, the top light on the object was the brightest, and what I would call end lights were also bright, but not as bright as the top light. If someone knows how to work with the video we may be able to pull out the object better .

I am sending a small clip of the object, and a drawing of what I saw. The top light of the object seems to be the only light tha appeared on the video. Still have the entire over 4 mins of original video.

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