UFO Sighting in East Bernstadt, Kentucky on January 5th 2016 – A turquoise-blue light flashed outside of my window around 20-500 feet above the large hill directly behind my house.

I was in bed asleep, and I had a strange dream of seeing a UFO lift a jeep where I used to live before I moved to this house, with an 8-18 mile distance. I woke up after seeing a flash of light in my dream by which my dream character had fainted. I decided to read a book shortly after I woke up and out of the corner of my eye, I had saw a small light. I looked over to my window where I had saw it, and the same flash that was in my dream was about 20-500 feet above the ground, around 300 yards away from my house.

I thought the light was a helicopter, but I don’t believe that their lights flash and pulse like this lift did. The light flashed for about 6-10 seconds, then just vanished completely.

The following morning, I asked my mother about any alien contact. She told me the story of her encounter, which was more up-close then mine, around 1994-1995 (when hers had happened. She said she saw a light similar to what I had seen, but her encounter was directly above her head, about 20-50 feet from the ground directly above her.

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