UFO Sighting in Halls Gap, Victoria on January 15th 2016 – While camping 3 people observed a bright white object travel in a northern direction for five seconds steadily ascended in a right arc reached a certain point the objects light changed color to a faint orange- red hue and vanished.

1. I was camping with my fiance her sons, My daughter, and my fiances best friend sitting by a camp fire staring at the stars above.

2. I was already looking skyward and saw it shoot into my field of view from my right hand side the light it was giving off was very bright, brighter than any star in the sky.

3.When i first noticed it i immediately knew it was not a known aircraft i did not know what it was besides a very bright white orb of light moving quickly.

4.A very bright white light that moved quickly across the night sky at a height of less than 500 ft traveling in a north direction. It remained on this path for around 3-4 seconds at which point it began a steady ascent upward in a right hand arc.. it did this maneuver until it turned a duller color of orange – red and then disappeared from sight.

5.I was in awe and was also a little mesmerized by its sight i felt amazed and fortunate to see it. Also felt like it had no right to be in the sky as it wasn’t something i would call native to this planet.

6. I lost sight of the object because it vanished.

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