UFO Sighting in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania on January 14th 2016 – Multiple blinking blue-white orb lights spotted in sky on drive home from work.

Anybody in the greater Harrisburg and Carlisle Area happen to see strange blue/white lights in the sky on Thurs, 1/14/16 at around 5:24PM during a cloud covered sunset in the horizon so the sun was blocked from direct view but it was still very light out. While driving home from work on East shore of Susquehanna River using the PA turnpike Harrisburg East toll heading West towards Mechanicsburg between the the Riger bridge and the Harrisburg West Exit, I saw a single bluish solid light that looked like a plane light up in the air on horizon. I continued to monitor the light and it became 3 blinking lights like a plane. 2 wing lights and a nose light. It appeared to not be moving. I didn’t notice it getting further away or closer to me. The color of the light was very similar to the white/blue lights that flash on the mountain towers in the area as opposed to the red tower lights. Then while watching the 3 lights all of sudden there became more of the same flashing lights…up to eventually about 10 total but increased from the 3 to probably 5 to 7 to 10 pretty quickly that were flashing in alternating sequence like you would see on a plane but the space distance between the lights would have only been possible as multiple planes horizontal from each other yet there was no way they were other planes because there was nothing visible where any of the lights were blinking when the light was off… Even on the original 3 lights I saw. This only lasted for about 5 seconds with all 10 blinking but then I lost them behind the view of trees on the side of the turnpike blocking my view as the road curved gradually back and forth. The whole event lasted about a minute or more. Called wife while watching them. The lights appeared to be somewhere between Carlisle and Mechanicsburg where they were up in the air. I am very familiar with watching aircraft activity in this area and have never seen anything like this before. Pulled over side of road to find them again but could not. I know I didn’t see a mountain tower or other regular explainable aircraft or normal light in the sky.
When I was near home about 10-15 mins later I drove to another vantage spot to see if I might see them again hr I only saw regular planes and jets in the sky and the normal mountain tower lights.
I did not video or take pic because I was driving and felt they were also far enough away that they probably would not have showed up at all or at least not very well on my phone.

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