Black Triangle Sighting in Nolensville, Tennessee on January 19th 2016 – UFO sighted over rock quarry. It was stationary then slowly started to move NE across the main road.

1. I was in my vehicle driving home. I was watching the sky as there was a helicopter flying very low with there search light on.

2. The low stationary lights over the quarry is what I noticed. Then the triangular light pattern on the bottom as I passed by it.

3. The lights initially made me believe it might be a plane, as there are flight paths. But this was very low for a plane, and when I saw it wasn’t moving, I pulled off the road to see what it was.

4. The object was initially stationary over a small rock quarry. It then started to move in a NE direction, not very quickly. It was moving a very slow pace for an aircraft. The craft was just above the tree line and electrical lines.

5. I was excited to be able to see this. To see something that has the ability to hover, move, and not make a single noise is amazing. It would make those who live in flight zones happier if we had technology that was that quite.

6. I lost sight of the object as it moved out of my line of sight from the trees across the street.

Location: Nolensville Road, Antioch TN

Rock Quarry at the corner of Holt Road and Nolensville Road.

As I turned off Holt Rd onto Nolensville Rd, I saw a trianglar shaped craft hovering over the rock quarry. I pulled off the road to try and take a picture of the craft, unfortunately the camera phone didn’t pick up the lights of the craft as it was moving away from my vehicle.

Shortly after the craft started moving off, a black helicopter flew over the area where the craft was at. Within another minute or two a second black helicopter flew in the direction of the craft.

The hovering craft did not make any sound, but both helicopters made plenty of noise as they passed over head.

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