UFO Sighting in Mesquite, Texas on January 19th 2016 – Traveling south on gloway, saw a big light in sky. It didn’t seem to move. I was crossing over IH 30. It was above me. I look up nd it was round speed. I turned left onto service road and looked up to my left and it was gone. I did see a beam of light to

I was driving south on N. Galloway and saw a rather large light in the sky. Add I neared it I could see a beam of light that looked to be pointed do to the highway. Just as I was going over the bridge on N. Galloway it was above me. The beam of light was gone but the big light was still on. I could see the shape was round and metal and I could see circles on bottom but just part of the design. I mentioning but then had to turn left onto the service road to go towards 30 E. I turned and looked immediately left and it was gone. Light and all.

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