UFO Sighting in Sharpsburg, Maryland on January 12th 2016 – It goes from 2 discs side-by-side , to them looking stacked on each other in 5 seconds.

On this clear night of the 12th of January my friend and I were coming back from West Virginia. This particular route goes through Sharpsburg, MD . While driving and my friend in the passenger seat we spotted a bright light in the distance coming closer to Sharpsburg . A train was also coming alongside the road in our direction so I was paying extra attention to my surroundings. As we were getting closer I told my friend he should get his phone out to record because I thought it was rather odd what I was seeing . In the beginning of the video you can see the 2 bright saucer like objects side by side going in and out of the tree lines the was to the left of the road . However , about mid-way through the video the 2 saucers go from side-by-side from a good distance away from us, too them looking as if they were stacked on top of each other that ended up hovering still in thin air fairly close to the ground right above downtown Sharpsburg. Once this happened , you can hear us both react to what we were seeing . This transition happened in about 5 seconds after watching the video again. While staring at it I noticed a very faint misty beam of light that was dark green aiming towards the ground . I had to really stare at it though to see it . (You can not see it in the video). However you can hear me say something once I notice it while the camera was recording. My friend finally saw what I was seeing and he got so freaked out he stopped recording and told me to pick up the speedI was going . (I was so astonished I was driving 10-15 MPH through downtown Sharpsburg). I ended up just passing the hovering object as it was still just right above this small town . As I was gaining distance away it looked like it was also moving again In the opposite direction. I put the video in slow motion and to me I can almost see rotation in the lights we were recording . I am dying to hear other opinions though . Thank you so much! (Also, I want to warn whoever it may concern about the foul language in the video. My friend and I were pretty amped up about what we were seeing!)

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