UFO Sighting in Vancouver, British Columbia on January 10th 2016 – Brilliant white light, spinning disk seen with naked eye then filmed on iphone

I was on the 1500 BC Ferries sailing from Vancouver Tsawwassen Terminal to Nanaimo, Vancouver Island. We had just set sail and I noticed a huge white light to the North between myself and the mountains by West Vancouver. I studied this for a minute expecting it to turn and be landing lights for a plane landing at Vancouver Airport. It didn’t turn and it stayed stationary. It appeared to be spinning or rotating and incredibly bright, far too bright for a plane. I got out my iphone but because the day was so bright I had no idea if I was getting it on film or if it was in focus. As soon as I stopped filming to check if I had captured it, I looked up and it suddenly and very quickly blinked out. Other people on the ferry had also noticed it.

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