UFO Sighting in Virginia Beach, Virginia on November 16th 2015 – Was looking up, for Orions Belt following his left arm, to find Plaedis. I need saw a straight line, of what I thought was Orion, but there were five stars. Those lights were moving toward me. Not a sound was made. When it was over my head, the exterior

I was at the side of my house, smoking a cigarette. The night was very cold and sky was empty of clouds. I was looking up to find Orions Belt. I usually follow his left arm, which would lead to Plaides or the seven sisters. My Grandson had been told it was called, ten little indians, a Cherokee story. I saw a straight line of stars, but it was five. As I was looking at these lights, I realised that it was coming toward me. Totally silent. As it passed over my head, the light at the side door blew. Not went out, it blew. After it passed over, I saw, or didn’t see the rear of this object. It was almost invisible, except for, what looked like wisps of shroud. It turned South, the elevated and moved out of sight.
I was a Navy wife for twenty years. I know my airplanes, I have studied them. I am also a keen star observer and use my telescope.
This short event actually unnerved me. That does not happen very often.I have never observed anything like this before.

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