UFO Sighting in San Diego, California on January 18th 2016 – Two Orbs over Point Loma in San Diego

I was taking my dog for a walk before going to bed. I saw a large light, but as it had rained and my vision isn’t 20/20, I just assumed it was the moon with cloud cover. As I was walking back to my home, I noticed another large light and thought to myself that there couldn’t possibly be two moons out so I went home and got my binoculars.

I looked at the object closed to my front door and saw that it was a bright orb moving quickly up and down and all around, but it was going straight up and getting smaller. The other object was also an orb moving quickly up and down and all around but it was moving horizontally.

To be sure the movement wasn’t caused my hands shaking,I used fixed starts in the sky as my guide and watched the object move close, away, above, and below the line from the fixed stars in my sight.

The way I would describe the experience is seeing a lit cigarette in a dark room that is being zig zagged and spun about as it leaves a light trail because it’s moving so fast.

I was able to take a short video on my smart phone of the object that was moving horizontally, but all you can see is its erratic movements. Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite figure out how to record through the binoculars.

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