Black Triangle Sighting in Irvine, Kentucky on January 21st 2016 – 2 encounters within 1 hour 52 minutes.

My daughter and I were traveling west on hwy 82 in Estill county. I was talking on my cell phone to my mother and noticed a bright light dropping down from the sky. I hung up on my mother to get my daughter to video but my phone wouldn’t respond. I watched it drop right before my eyes. It was triangle in shape with a light beam going straight down. It has flashing red, green and yellow light. All of a sudden it darted off to the left and dropped behind a hill. I do not remember driving for about 1 hour and 52 minutes of 35 miles. I remember talking to my aunt and as I was talking to her a bright light came inside my car from above. I looked up and saw the object again. It was right above my car. It was a dull gun metal gray in color had something round in the center. I couldn’t tell what shape it was this time. It was so close. There was no sound what so ever. Mt daughter is 11 and had on a pink hoodie which appeared to be bright neon orange at the time the light was shining through the sunroof of my car. It barely came in view of my windshield and my daughter was tryin to get a video as it darted off to the right. We could still see it but it was not showing up on the video on the phone. After it went out of sight my hair was so wet from sweat and both my daughter and I eyes were burning like have been swimming all day.when I got home the video we tried to get just had a glance of a lighted object for a few seconds and it disappeared. I felt anxious not scared. It’s hard to explain this experience since I’ve never really believed in UFOs until now. I know what I saw was not from this world. It was huge, no sound and to fast for anything I’ve ever seen or heard of in this country. Truly amazing for me and my daughter both.

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