UFO Sighting in Olivette, Missouri on November 30th 2007 – Hovering orb in neighbors yard, buzzing noise heard before sighting.

Years ago, somewhere during the winters of 2005-2007 I saw a red orb hovering erratically in my neighbors yard across the street from my parent’s house. If I had to place the time of day, I would say somewhere between 9PM-10PM. I was wearing headphones listening to music at the time, but I had this instinctual feeling to take them off and that’s when I heard an electronic buzzing/humming noise, similar to a transformer in a power substation. This noise was coming from my next door neighbor’s backyard which is in the opposite direction from where I saw the orb.

At this moment, I noticed movement from across the street and when I looked over I saw a red orb hovering around the neighbor’s yard I mentioned earlier. It hovered at about the height of a large dog would stand, however it moved extremely quick and was incredibly agile. It appeared to change direction with ease and turned on a dime, as if it were on an axis. I observed it hovering and racing around for maybe 3-5 minutes when it raced towards the northern edge of my neighbors yard and turned west headed down a walking path that runs through my parent’s neighborhood.

It should be noted, my brother saw something very similar the summer before I witnessed it only it was floating in between my parent’s house and the other next door neighbor’s house. It was also seen by my dad close to the edge of the backyard of the neighbor who lives behind them. My dad’s sighting however was much more recent, August 2012.

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