UFO Sighting in Naples, Florida on January 22nd 2016 – Very clear skies, near full moon. Object looked like plane on fire at first, saw what looked like flaming debris fall toward earth. Was moving right to left, then sudden direction change, orange faded, object faded moving away from me at the end.

I ride a bicycle and was literally 500ft from my house when I noticed a bright orange light in the sky. There were almost no clouds in the sky and the near-full moon was shining brightly not far from where I first noticed the object. It was almost circular or spherical but I had originally thought it was just appearing that way and was actually a plane on fire. There is a small airport near my home but this object was coming from and heading toward completely different direction(s). I was on my cell phone at the time and began freaking out, explaining what I was witnessing in great detail to the person I was speaking to. They live in the northern US so there was unfortunately no way the person could also witness the event. I thought about recording it immediately but because I was on the phone talking, while being in awe and amazed at what I was seeing, and also remembered what a few pictures I took of an orange moon looked like from my phone camera… horrible. Therefore, I unfortunately did not take any pics or video. They would have just looked like a little orange speck in the sky, especially with the bright moon just a short distance away from what I was seeing. The object moved from left to right and, again, I thought it was a plane on fire and in danger. I saw what looked like flaming debris falling from the object. The first time I saw that, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. When it happened two more times, I realized I really was seeing something fall from the object. It would happen very quickly and was only visible for a split second as it fell and the flames would go out. Once the flames went out from whatever was falling, I could not see where it fell after that since it had just finished getting dark out when this whole incident took place. The entire time I was freaking out on the phone and had a feeling inside that I was witnessing something strange and unexplained. After deciding that it might not be a plane, I thought it might be a meteor. It had no trail at all and was not really moving quickly either. I wasnt sure what to think, and still dont know. After only a few minutes, the object changed directions from its original path, to suddenly heading away from me. I could tell at that point the object was getting smaller, and what I thought to be fire was slowly fading away. Eventually, before it was too far away to see, the orange glow was totally gone and I could only see a tiny speck just above the treeline. That shortly vanished as well and my experience was over. I absolutely regret not taking video or trying to take pictures and you can take my story for what it is worth. I will say that I am not a dishonest person and would never take the time out to join this site and make this report unless there was good reason. Do I think it was aliens?? I have no idea. What I do think is that it was a UFO as far as I’m concerned. An Unidentified Flying Object, and I will NEVER forget what I saw. After the event, I ran into my house and immediately searched the internet for other people who may have seen it. I found the MUFON site in the process and decided to make a report. I hope there are others out there who saw this object and have some good photos or video of it. I will be searching for quite some time for answers and other people who shared my experience. I’m not sure how high up it was because I’m not sure how big it actually was, but it was definitely in the sky so I know other people must have witnessed it and it should have been visible for a good distance all around. So, that’s everything. I will never forget it and I await the day I see it again. This time, I will have my camera/phone ready and regardless of what I think it will look like once I get a shot of it, I’m going to try. Hopefully, I will be able to add to the mystery at that point and maybe even find some answers. Thanks for listening.

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