UFO Article (Blog): “Project Blue Book – Exposed…”

By Kevin D. Randle, 22 July 2007
(A Different Perspective, Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
Quote from the article:
“Back in the olden days, while I was still in college and a member of Air Force ROTC, I learned that the Project Blue Book files were available for study and review at the Air Force Archives at the what was then called Maxwell Air Force Base. The announcement was made in an internal Air Force document, meaning, simply, that it was circulated inside the Air Force but not necessarily in the civilian world. It said that anyone who traveled to Alabama could see the material.
They eventually told us about a master index to the sightings. This master index gave the dates of the sightings, location, names of the witnesses and the Air Force conclusion. Cornett and I went through the whole thing and copied the information of all the unidentifieds, most of the photo cases, landing trace cases, and anything else that struck us as important. I didn’t know how valuable that information would become later.
In other files, they took the names out of the Air Force generated reports, but left the names in newspaper articles that were filed with the reports. In other words, in some cases, you can put the names back in.
But remember, Cornett and I copied the names from so many of the case files that I, too, can put them back in. In fact, in Project Blue Book  Exposed, Appendix B is a listing of those cases, including the date and time, location and the witnesses, along with a brief description of the sighting.”


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