UFO Sighting in Hudson, Florida on October 15th 1976 – me and two friends @ Pensacola beach spoted ufo moving east we jumped up and down waving @ it changed course hovered maybe ten feet over our heads we ran spotted it headng west it turned off its lights and saw a black sphere

me and two friends were hanging out at Pensacola Beach close to where the cross landmark was on some sand dunes we were standing at waters edge on Gulf of Mexico. the Gulf was like a lake that night no waves or wind. One of my friends spotted it first. The friend that spotted it we had both gone through Radar School together In the at Navy Great Lakes Illinois the other friend was in a local technical school who is now deceased. The object was a large spherical ball of light traveling parallel on the main beach road heading due east. My friend that spotted it said “dudes check it out a ufo. So we started jumping up and down hollering and waving at it Like welcome to earth. within about two seconds the object changed course towards up then became stationary directly above us maybe ten feet over our heads. The object did not make any noise what so ever. We all looked up at it absolutely amazed. My radar school buddy then shouted run and we took off running from it. The other friend who is now deceased said he also claimed saw an object go down in the water in the Gulf Not to far from us. We regrouped in the sand dunes then my radar friend spotted it continuing on its eastward course close to where the lighted up main part of Pensacola beach is. The strange thing was that this time when we spotted it was just a black sphere and there were no lights on it like it wanted to remain hidden going over the lighted up part of the beach. It traveled right next to the Pensacola Beach water tank and it was several times larger than the spherical shape of the water tank. then it faded off in the distance. end of sighting. On a humorous note only then did we open and chug down the bottle of Sangria wine we had with us 🙂 Lucky we didn’t get abducted that night

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