Alien Encounter in Mobile, Alabama on April 5th 1981 – A white woman like being with blonde hair appeared in my room on two occasions. She disappeared the first time, but made love to me the second time while the world exploded into a burst of blue light around me before I blacked out

When I was young I had sleep paralysis, I would wake up but could not move, I would have to will myself to wiggle a finger until I could break free. Often when I was falling asleep a electronic sound would fill my ears. I was drawn to light, I often would stare at the bulbs. Once I was staring at the bulb in the hallway and a fly flew into my eyeball. It crawled into my eye, crawled behind my eyeball. I had to open my eye with my fingers and bop myself on the back of the head to get it to fly out. When I was about 10yrs old I was in my room meditating but a buzz sound came and I opened my eyes and found a beautiful irresistible woman like creature before me. She was white with blond hair. She positioned herself so that I couldn’t see her hands or feet. She was irresistible, I felt intense sexual feelings for her, but she disappeared when I approached. The next time she came to me she allowed me to approach, this time we had sex but the world burst into a blue flame, exploded into light, then I blacked out. This was my sexual awakening. Before this I was a child, after this I was sexually awear. After my experience women have always been drawn to me, throwing themselves at me, this has been true since 1981. When I was in the Navy I had an unexplained object removed from my foot. The doctors said from the xrays it looked like a sewing needle deep in my left heel. When they removed it the doctors were being strange about it, not wanting to tell me much, but they did say they couldn’t get the last piece, as if the “sewing needle” was in peices…I would have remembered stepping on a sewing needle if i stepped on one so hard that the entire needle entered my foot, and if the needle entered me whole, why was it now in peices?

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