UFO Sighting in Greencastle, Indiana on January 25th 2016 – Glowing stationary hover then horizontal travel then rapid vertical decent

I was driving to work on interstate 70E at 7:05 AM near the Green castle Indiana exit. I saw in the sky ahead of me what at first glance Ivthought it was one of those tall antennas with the lights. I then realized the light I could seecwas not flashing like the ones on those antenna. The object was hovering in place. Since I was driving I did not just stare at the object. I once again trained my attention back to the object. It was now beginning to move horizontally to the right from my perspective. This lasted only a few seconds. The object suddenly decended almost straight down into the treeline. It moved so fast I expected to see smoke or something to begin to risecin the area it happen. I did not see anything after that. I later checked online news to see if there had been any flight accidents or meteor sighting. Nothing had been reported to my surprise. I am a rational person with analytically inclined conclusions. My reporting of this event was not taken lightly. I cannot explain what I witnessed.

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