UFO Sighting in Sydney, New South Wales on September 9th 2015 – I was sitting on balcony with camera,I said out loud is am ready to see Anunnaki which sounds crazy,being RHNEG I felt a premonition,and cam wouldn’t take pic.iphone was able to capture the UFO .

It was between 9pm to 12am,I went out to the balcony with cammera and iPhone ,I was sure for some unknown reason that I would see an entity as iv seen transparent ships and beings in 2014.i was sitting ready to accept anything that could be photographed,and within a min of saying out loud”I allow my vision to see the truth, show yourself now”,weird as it sounds this object that was coming from my left came fluting through the sky on a slight angle ,it had a trail .it was bright yellow red and yellow trail.I was so surprised this was happening,trying to take a pic with a cannon eos10D ,it wouldn’t take the pic ,I took about 10 pix with iPhone and I got one good shot. I felt happy,I was relieved to have proof finally.the object went down into horrizen .i felt energised.but no one belives me.

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