CHINA EXPLOSIONS – Toxic Chemical Mix Cause of Tianjin Blasts. People Demand The Truth

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CHINA EXPLOSIONS – Toxic Chemical Mix Cause of Tianjin Blasts. People Demand The Truth

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has visited the victims of a major disaster at a chemical warehouse in Tianjin. Official death toll rises to 112 as officials find what they believe to be hundreds of tonnes of the toxic chemical 700 tonnes of sodium cyanide With the official death toll raised to 112 and the number of missing people at 95, rescue workers wearing gas masks and hazard suits were racing to clear the area before the weather changes because of concerns that wind could spread the toxins and rain could cause a dangerous reaction with chemicals at the site.

Fires are still burning at the site of two massive explosions in the Chinese city of Tianjin, some 36 hours after the blasts.

Military chemical experts are testing for toxic gases and rescuers have been told to wear protective clothing.

At least 56 people died and more than 720 were injured, 25 critically, in the explosions late on Wednesday evening, according to state media.

But search teams found a survivor in the debris early on Friday. Rescuers pulled out a firefighter who was trapped for 32 hours after responding to a fire and huge explosions in the Chinese port city of Tianjin as authorities moved forward gingerly Friday in dealing with a fire still smoldering amid potentially dangerous chemicals. A rapid succession of explosions late Wednesday — one equal to 21 tons of TNT — killed at least 50 people, injured more than 700 and left more than a dozen firefighters missing. They were sparked by a fire at what authorities said were shipping containers containing hazardous material. They struck a mostly nonresidential warehouse district late at night — otherwise the death toll could have been much higher. china “tianjin china” gas explosive chemical “science experiment” blast crazy “social media” chinese tianjin emergency fire fireworks survival “health and safety” safety hospital injury injured accident chemicals science movie tv news media entertainment “china factory” events “video footage” firefighter control power fireworks historic collapse 2015 2016 “north china” apocalypse society “elite nwo agenda” “emergency supplies” montagraph cern stock market collapse global reset alex jones infowars rant max keiser jim rogers asia regulation september 23 2015

More drone footage shows the extent of the damage on the still smouldering site of the blasts. Authorities have publicly assured a skeptical public that the blasts have not contaminated the air but have been relatively reticent about other concerns raised, such as whether residences were too close to the warehouse and whether firefighters may have sparked the blasts by spraying water on volatile chemicals.

Authorities have not said what caused the explosions, saying only that they originated at the warehouse owned by Ruihai International Logistics. Its website says the company is authorized to handle chemicals ranging from flammable gases and liquids, including compressed natural gas and ethyl acetate, to chemicals that explode on contact with water, including sodium cyanide and calcium carbide.

Pictures and video on social media showed flames lighting up the sky, and buildings are said to have collapsed. President Xi Jinping has urged “all-out efforts” to rescue victims and contain the fire sky was red. I just watched a second explosion go off and [it was] just pure chaos, everyone leaving their apartment buildings thinking it’s an earthquake, cars trying to leave the complex. It was crazy

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