HILLARY CLINTON EMAILS RELEASED – State Department Releases Hillary Clinton’s Emails on Benghazi

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HILLARY CLINTON EMAILS RELEASED – State Department Releases Hillary Clinton’s Emails on Benghazi

The US State Department has released hundreds of emails – many relating to the 2012 attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya – from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email account.

The emails were previously provided to a congressional committee. Ms Clinton has constantly defended her use of the private account since the launch of her presidential campaign.
Hillary Clinton has broken a month’s media silence with a brief, but testy, exchange of questions with reporters that saw her demand the swift release of her personal emails and defend money received by her family.

The former secretary of state called on the department to “expedite” the release of the records from her time in office after news that it might take until January to publish the cache recently turned over by her office. “I want those emails out,” she told reporters in a five-minute exchange that also touched on controversies ranging from donations to the Clinton Foundation and speaking fees that she has been accused of refusing to address.

“Nobody has a bigger interest in getting [the emails] released than I do,” she added. “They are not mine; they belong to the State Department. But as much as they can expedite that process. That’s what I’m asking: please move as quickly as they possibly can.” Underscoring frustrations expressed by many about the two party monopoly in America, during an interview with CNN’s Candy Crowley yesterday, George W. Bush responded to a question about his brother Jeb running against Hillary Clinton by referring to Hillary as his “sister in law”. “hillary clinton” email “private email” privacy private america usa u.s. “united states” diplomat work “hard work” secretary security server “cloud storage” 2015 2016 media “secure email” storage “online storage” support election campaign future values knowledge clinton “american dream” expert job employment speech entertainment trends trendy trending fast speed lies truth exposed agenda elite control power “elite nwo agenda” office footage alex jones infowars rant exposed anonymous hacker bilderberg 2015 george soros illuminati david icke lindsey williams the trews bush obama 1% 99% end game collapse false flag attack montagraph daboo77 daboo777 we are change

Clinton undoubtedly corresponded with the White House through email during her four-year tenure as Secretary of State, yet no one cared she used a private email account that was not only dangerous to national security but was also likely used to skirt the Federal Records Act. Hillary Clinton’s promise to represent “everyday Americans” is completely at odds with her personal lifestyle, obsession with money, and the fact that her 2008 campaign was funded by giant transnational banks. As we previously reported, some Hillary supporters have attempted to downplay the email scandal by claiming it’s driven by sexism and not genuine concerns about transparency and national security.

However, Hillary appears to have slipped up in claiming that many of the deleted emails were personal in nature and were exchanged between herself and former President Bill Clinton. By “those at the top,” Hillary is presumably referring to the 1% – Wall Street cronies, transnational banks and huge corporations – in other words the very entities that bankrolled Hillary’s 2008 presidential campaign.

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