UFO Sighting in Albuquerque, New Mexico on January 26th 2016 – Appears to be a filry large object hovrring over NE ABQ, Flassing Red and Green lights

Standing on my deck of my apartment third floor looking toward the mountains east. The object appear to be stationary ,not part of the mountain skyline, It is above the red beacons of towers in NE ABQ. It is below the radio light beacons on the sandia peak. Has red and green lights that seen to pulsate or flash in pattern. It does not appear to be moving, see no other air traffic over the city. It could be a blimp but , even they move after a time. Unable to provide good photos or video. Not good enough cameras to get any pictures or video. As I am typing the object is still present. I have not observed this before, The sandia mountains near the city of ABQ have lights but only red beacons for antennas and such. There is the tram but does not run at this time of year and in the wrong place. It appears to be aircraft size.

In general, it just stands out different in the night sky. Something out of the norm.

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