UFO Sighting in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania on January 26th 2016 – Observed object in sky – straight line of 6 white round lights. Two other objects with 2 round white lights each.

Traveling on Bethel Church Road heading towards Logan, after leaving South Hills Village. Was approaching Logan Road on the left and saw lights from 3 objects in the sky in front of me slightly to the right, where there are not normally lights. Pointed them out to my husband and slowed the vehicle down to 5 mph or less to observe. Put the windows down and could hear a thrumming sound. The objects were low and moving slowly, and they crossed over the vehicle from the left (which was disconcerting because when first observed they appeared to be to my right). They passed out of my view in the driver’s seat, and my husband observed the 2 smaller objects veer to the right, and the larger object, in his words, “winked out.” It was dark and the road doesn’t have any areas to pull over. When I first saw the objects, I was confused because they didn’t have any red or green lights indicative of an airplane. There appeared to be mist or smoke around them, but there was no mist or smoke ground level, nor any precipitation. We weren’t frightened, just wishing to have had a better, longer look at them. This all transpired within a minute or two. Upon arriving home, I called a good friend of mine who grew up in an aviation family and is also a pilot and described the lights hoping she could tell me what type of plane it might be. After my description, she said “those were no planes.” She told me to look up “Phoenix Lights” and the large object looked very much like some of the photos on that site. Thank you.

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