UFO Sighting in Laguna, California on August 13th 1997 – Came out of the water then came up to us suddenly.

In August of 1997. A friend of mine and I had went to 1000 steps to watch the sun set. Around 8 pm we seen something rise out of the ocean. Brite white and yellow in color. At first we thought it was maybe a boat on fire? We watched it for several min. Then all of a sudden then light seemed to start moving towards us at a fast rate of speed. I grabbed my friends hand and told her we should go! before we made it to the bottom of the steps the lights were on top of us. We were hit with this bright beam of light. As bright as a spot light. The next thing I remember is we both woke up on the side of the bank. With her in my arms. We got up and dident say a word all the way home. When I got her home I noticed a hour and ten min of time were missing. I just spoke to my friend a year ago for the first time. And she mentioned that night. And one other thing that’s strange? Both our eyes were blue when this happened and now they are green. And both our eyes changed with in a six month time span. Thank you for your time.

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