UFO Sighting in Koliri, Eastern Region on January 27th 2016 – 2 big green rings flying

L leave in a remote area with no neigberhoods.
I was browsing on the internet when i heard a really loud noise. I thought it was a helicopter flying very low and i thought it may crash. I turn on the lights of the yard and went outside, i start looking at the sky searching for the helicopter and then i saw 2 green rings flying side by side in a very low altitude and in a straight line and after about 3 seconds i lost eye contact cause of the trees. Objects was big and i didnt see any material at all, just the bright light. Was really scary and didnt know how to react.
If it was a helicopter i could see the helicopter cause there was no clouds on the sky and there was light from the moon. Also if it was a helicopter i think i could here the trees and feel the wind.
After that thing past over, i realised it was too dark, i checked and realised that the lamp on the yard was not working.
I turned off the switch. After 10 minutes i turned the switch back on and the light was working fine. Didnt have any electrical problems inside the house.
Its not the first time i hear that sound i heard it at least 4 more times in the last few months but i was thinking that it s just a helicopter and i was not reacting but this time the noise was much much louder.

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