UFO Sighting in New York, New York on October 22nd 2015 – Was seen after full encounter with grey-like creature in our home followed by a crashing table, alarm dismantling and other moved furniture. We looked outside after and saw unusual hovering lights- never seen anything like this over 3 years

My story begins with what seemed to be a very unusual lucid dream. I do not remember dreams often and they are always typical dreams that change and morph. This was different. All of a sudden (in my “dream”) I found myself standing in the hall bathroom doorway. I wondered how I had ended up there and why I was there. But my attention was quickly somehow pulled to my left backside. I turned my head over my left shoulder and saw the view of my dining room. I noticed all at once that there was not only a “grey”-type looking creature crouching under my dining room table looking at me, but I wondered “how can I see him through the chair? Where is the 4th chair?” The chair that would be blocking my view of his position under the table just seemed to be missing. But this was all noticed in what seemed to be no more than a second. My thoughts were then no longer focused on me. I felt what he was feeling instead, as he stared back at me. He was angry. I knew he had been there for a while, he had not planned on, or wanted me to see him or know of his presence, and I felt his anger towards this dilemma. I could feel his fury growing. He was short and crouched, naked, enlarged head, and skin that I can only describe as seeming like shark skin. It was bluish and looked to be smooth, impervious, but textured as well. His shoulders leaned forward towards me as though he were dramatically leaning forward with his hands on his knees. He had a pot like belly and wrinkles around his almond eyes. After those first few moments of our encounter/exchange, I was awoken- finding myself back in my bedroom. Me and my fianc�� jumped awake at the same time to a huge crash in the room I had just been “dreaming” about. He went and checked first and I tried to stop him. I wanted to tell him what had happened before he went out there. He went and I followed from the bedroom to the dining room. The corner table had smashed to the ground, two legs broken off, although no pictures or vases on the table broke. It was even more strange that it seemed to be UNDER the dining table. That’s when we realized the dining table had moved a good 3 ft towards the wall with the corner table (where there is also a window). The window is alarmed. Our alarm however had a one time malfunction that night. It is controlled by a tablet and the tablet just said the company name that manufactures it. No buttons worked, nothing on it worked at all. But all windows and doors were secure and locked. My fianc�� was then drawn to the front window. He said let’s look outside and to our shock two unusual and completely never before seen bright orbs hung ahead from our front door. This then further supported this strange encounter/happening in our home only moments earlier. We have several pics- one very good one of the orbs.

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