UFO Sighting in Seaton Delaval, England on January 21st 2016 – Bright star like light changing colours then blinked out

At 1.38am on 21st January 2016 I had gone outside to put something in the bin which is at the rear of my house. On returning I noticed what I first thought was a bright star fairly low in the sky just above some treetops approximately 100m away. It was a cold. clear night and the moon was very bright in the sky in a westerly direction. There were no clouds and many stars were visible.

What made me take notice was the apparent brightness of the object in relation to other stars in the sky and the fact that it was constantly changing colour. I stood at my back door and observed it for 3 to 4 minutes mesmerised. I’m familiar with looking at the night sky as I usually let my dog out in the garden before bedtime and sometimes have to wait several minutes for her to come back in so, to pass the time, if it’s a clear night, I spend a few minutes gazing at the stars.

The object was stationary above the trees in a SW direction approximately 30 degrees above the horixon. It was brighter than any of the other stars in the sky and was continuously changing colour. It would change from red to blue to green to white to yellow and so on several times per second. I’m familiar with seeing stars twinkle but this was very different.

Mystified as to what it could be I went back inside to get my iPhone. I have a stargazing app which, when you point your phone at the night sky, tells you what star/planet you are looking at. The only thing I suspected it might be was the planet Venus which sometimes appears very bright in the night sky. However the app confirmed that Venus wasn’t visible in this part of the sky at the time and neither were there any stars of this brightness either.

I observed it changing colour for a few more minutes and then all of a sudden it just blinked out and disappeared. I waited to see if it reappeared but it didn’t so after another few minutes I went back inside to get warm.

I was quite taken aback at what I had seen and several times I went to my back door to see if it had reappeared. On my 3rd or 4th visit I saw it again but in a slightly different location and lower in the sky. I can’t remember how long I watched it this time, maybe another few minutes. Approximately 5 minutes later I went to the back door again but it had gone again.

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